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Mar 31

Who is covering up shoddy work at Karuma, Isimba?

In the host of correspondences seen by this newspaper, ministry of Energy officials appear not only mute but also protective of Energy Infratech PVT Ltd, the Indian firm providing consultancy services to government at Isimba and Karuma hydro-power projects. On their part, the Uganda Electricity...

Mar 24

NAPE in African Sisterhood Movement Building School in Johannesburg, South Africa

NAPE participated in a 10-dayswomen’s rights activist formation and movement building school in Johannesburg, South Africa that took place from 1st 10th March, 2016. Women Unite against Destructive Resource Extraction (WoMin)-join forces in an exciting collaboration bringing together 34...

Mar 17
Feb 9

Obama signs Africa electricity initiative into law

Dec 1

Public-private partnerships and the financial cost to governments: Case study on the power sector in Uganda

By Paul Harper

Privatisation of the Ugandan electricity sector was initiated in 1999 as a condition of the debt relief programme, was supposed to mean the end of state support. Yet, by 2013 a special committee of the Ugandan Parliament reported that subsidies were ...

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