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Dec 1

Public-private partnerships and the financial cost to governments: Case study on the power sector in Uganda

By Paul Harper

Privatisation of the Ugandan electricity sector was initiated in 1999 as a condition of the debt relief programme, was supposed to mean the end of state support. Yet, by 2013 a special committee of the Ugandan Parliament reported that subsidies were ...

Nov 16

When We Save A River, We Save Ourselves” River Guardian Betty Obbo

 Betty Obbo (center) at Rivers for Life...

Aug 20

Can the Poor Survive in Oil-Rich Uganda?

By Richard Mugisha – Open Society Initiatives for East Africa (OSEA)

Since 2006, Uganda has discovered about 6.5 billion barrels of crude oil from just 20 percent of its petroleum fields in the Albertine region, making the country’s crude fields the third-largest by reserves in...

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