Free your Mine Project

Between September and October 2018, NAPE and a team from Dialogos held meetings with small scale miners and communities in the two project districts to introduce to them the project. They also met with the local district leaders to introduce the project, and seek district support and collaboration in implementation of the project, as well as preparatory meetings to kick-start the project.

In October, Dialogos conducted a toxicology training for NAPE staff to enable them understand better mercury poisoning in relation to health and the environment, and strengthen their advocacy skills against mercury poisoning.

Between October and November NAPE held meeting with miners in the two districts to plan for the construction of training facilities in mercury-free technology, identified locations for the training facilities that will be demonstration sites for mercury-free technology. NAPE also and identified a person to fabricate the equipment and build the training facility.

Construction of the training facilities is underway, and training will start in January 2019 with 12 miners from both project areas. After the miners have been trained, they will also train their fellow artisanal miners in the mercury-free technics, and this technology will be rolled out to other ASGM areas across the country.