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  • Mabira Forest Campaign
    Mabira Forest Campaign

    Executive Director (ED) NAPE shaking hands with H.E President Yoweri Museveni during the Mabira Forest Campaign.

  • Solar powered lantens in Villages
    Solar powered lantens in Villages

    NAPE promotes local solar lantens in the Kyapaloni

  • Fish Community on Lake Katwe
    Fish Community on Lake Katwe

    NAPE promotes good fishing methods to the fisher communites on the Shores of Lake Albert

  • Wetlands Encroachment
    Wetlands Encroachment

    Rose Bad Flower firm reclaiming Lutembe wetlands

  • Women Salt Miners on Lake Katwe
    Women Salt Miners on Lake Katwe

    Women miner wining salt in at Katwe Salt lake

Welcome to National Association of Professional Environmentalists (NAPE) is an action organization committed to sustainable solutions to Uganda More...

NAPE Projects

  • Advocacy & Lobbying Open or Close

    NAPE serves as an important actor that gives voice to marginalized communities and the environment of Uganda. We influence national policies and resource allocation decisions within political, economic, and social systems and institutions.

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  • Extractive industries Open or Close

    Oil is not a new discovery in Uganda and NAPE has known this since its formation 15 years ago. Oil discovery in Uganda dates back into the colonial times. NAPE’s Oil Governance Programme started in 2009, starting with monitoring of oil exploration,moving to political advocacy against oil extraction activities, and continuing to the advocacy for community rights and voices now that extraction activities have begun. Below we give a more detailed explanation of the programme.

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  • Sustainability School Open or Close

    In 2010, NAPE initiated the Sustainability school approach which advocates and seeks to give the communities capacity to effectively participate in social economic and political change processes. The aim of this school is the transfer of power from dominant groups to the poor, marginalized disadvantaged and disenfranchised who are always the majority. It is a problem solving mechanism using an andragogical learning methodology.

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  • Water Governance Open or Close

    NAPE work on water governance includes advocating for rights to water and sanitation in here this is done through engaging government of Uganda to formulate policies and legislations that promote the rights to water and sanitation.

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  • Land Grabbing Open or Close

    We are looking at protecting the rights of communities affected by big infrastructure development. Principal examples include:

    • Palm oil plantations in Kalangala
    • Oil extraction near Lake Albert
    • Exotic tree plantations for carbon trading near Bukaleba (eastern Uganda) and Kikonda Forest Reserve (western)Read More
  • Ecosystems Restoration Open or Close

    In our Ecosystems Alliance Programme we aim to empower communities for sustainable Natural Resource Management in the Albertine Rift. The programme is implemented by 3 consortium organizations i.e. National Association of Professional Environmentalists (NAPE), Uganda Wildlife Society (UWS) and Africa Institute for Energy Governance (AFIEGO). NAPE doubles as the Country Coordinating Institution. The Programme began in December 2011 and will run up to the close of June 2015.

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  • Chemicals Management Open or Close

    The use of chemicals in Uganda has been rapidly growing; many chemicals are today either locally manufactured or imported and stored in storage facilities in different parts of the country. This rapid growth has been unregulated and uncontrolled, and there is a lot of chemicals misuse and abuse.

  • Communication and publication Open or Close

    In the Amplifying Voices project NAPE works to give a voice to communities affected by oil so that they can represent their interests to the government, corporations, and other parties involved in oil extraction in their areas.

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The National Association of Professional Environmentalists (NAPE) in collaboration with National Association of Women’s Action in Development (NAWAD) have launched a Women-led campaign on fossils, energy and climate.

The NAPE and NAWAD are members of WoMin - an Alliance of African Women against Destructive Extractivesm. WoMin is an alliance of African Women with members from 12 countries in Africa namely: South Africa, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Nigeria, Ghana, and Burkina Faso. WoMin works to promote women’s rights in regard to natural resources extraction, with specific focus on the mining sector in Africa.

The negative impacts of extractive industry projects fall predominantly on women rather than men and are much more significant than generally recognized, including the breakdown of family relations and a significant increase in family tensions and domestic violence associated with the arrival of projects in poor communities.

As the people most affected by the extractive industry, women themselves must be at the forefront to fight for their rights. In an effort to promote women’s rights, has commissioned a women-led campaigns on fossils, energy and climate change in four countries (Nigeria, DRC, Uganda and South Africa) were the alliance has members. The alliance members will conduct national campaigns in their respective countries, and then later form an African region women-led campaign. The African Women-led Campaign is expected to influence decisions on Human Rights, Culture and Business at international level.

To kick-start the national campaign, the member groups in these countries have conducted national consultative meetings to introduce a women-led campaign to their local & grass-root networks. The Uganda national campaign is spearheaded by NAPE in collaboration with NAWAD. The two organizations conducted a national consultative meeting for rural and grassroot women from the Albertine region, Northern Uganda and Karamoja region.

The network of women in this campaign will work in solidarity to build sisterhood and with a united voice demand for participation in decision-making in the oil sector, and demand for fair treatment and equitable share in the extractive sector.