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Upcoming Activities

Launching a New Report on Women's Land Rights
Monday 12 March 2018, 02:30pm - 04:00pm
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NAPE, NAWAD & WomanKindwildwide will be launching a new report - Digging Deep: the impact of Uganda’s land rush on
women’s rights.

The eco-feminist movement in Uganda has identified changing patterns of land use as a major problem affecting women across the country. While land has long been a focus of conflict, the most recent wave of dispute is caused by the land rush – investors purchasing or leasing land for mining or the production of cash crops. This is resulting in forced evictions, displacement, loss of livelihoods and violence against women and girls.
Location CSWD62, New York, USA
the parallel event will happen on 4 W 43rd Street, Blue Room Near Byrant Park and Grand Central Terminal - 15 min walk from UN Plaza