The National Association of Professional Environmentalists (NAPE), National Association of Women’s Action in Development (NAWAD), and Womankind Worldwide in partnership under the Eco-Feminist movement, a women-led grassroot movement fighting destructive natural resource extraction and proposing alternative development agendas for grassroot women are   proud to share with you an Alternative Livelihoods Research (ALR). Our new joint report supports; Empowering displaced women and those at risk of displacements in Uganda.

ALR is a useful, practical resource with information gathered through feminist participatory methodologies which form a knowledge hub of a women-led grassroots driven campaign on women’s economic empowerment in the era of covid-19, mineral resource extraction, large plantations, environmental and climate injustices. The ALR resource will support grassroots economic organising, strategy development, and advocacy at all levels.

The ALR addresses simple alternatives that women can use to deal with the daily challenges of poverty and organise in their communities for the wider changes needed to achieve economic justice. The resource also provides a sweeping overview of livelihood alternatives in Uganda from an eco-feminist perspective, with a focus on four districts: Hoima, Buliisa, Nwoya and Amuru. 

Through this report we hope to bring to the fore, some of the messages on women’s localized alternatives. The messages are:

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