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NAPE participated in a 10-dayswomen’s rights activist formation and movement building school in Johannesburg, South Africa that took place from 1st 10th March, 2016. Women Unite against Destructive Resource Extraction (WoMin)-join forces in an exciting collaboration bringing together 34 grassroots and community organizers from DRC, Uganda, Nigeria, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Burkina Faso to build and strengthen their leadership and activism in the fight against extractives. Just Asso leads the WoMin-JASS Women's Movement Building School. NAPE was represented by Betty Obbo.

It was an amazing journey of African sisterhood united in common struggles, knowledge sharing and solidarity, most importantly learning lessons to create the alternative for meaningful change that we want to see for ourselves and the world we live in. The meeting discussed what African sisterhood means by exploring the history of African feminism. It was inspiring and thoughtful to get feedbacks on women having autonomy over their bodies, livelihoods and means of production. They looked at a range of issues including access to resources, job security and becoming part of decision-making process which benefits women.

The women's meeting generated interesting discussions around notions of women's power and patriachy. The women looked at visions and visioning - Is reformed resource extraction the pathway to wealth for our countries & the majority of African women? What are the alternatives,  looking at an African Eco-Feminist Structural Vision for Development?

At the end of the 10 days meeting, the women coined common thread as being made visible, acknowledged and remunerated appropriately.