Advocacy & Lobbying

NAPE advocates for sound policies that encourage development without sacrificing Uganda's natural environment. We reach out to policy makers and bring community members to the table to allow their voices to be heard.

Community Empowerment

We partner with marginalized community members to build their capacity to earn a living while not harming their environment. We sensitize communities to understand what opportunities and threats are in their surroundings and help them to use appropriate technologies.

Inter/National Networks

Through our participation in national and international networks of community advocates and environmental advocacy organisations, NAPE works on amplifying the voices of Ugandan communities to fight for their rights and helps to build coalitions.


The Crave for New Laws

The crave for new laws

Uganda is a country with numerous laws some of which, the vast majority of Ugandans possibly do not know, yet many more laws have been proposed. There is also a number of lobby and advocacy groups (activists), politicians, businesses and