Water Governance

Water Governance

NAPE work on water governance includes advocating for rights to water and sanitation in here this is done through engaging government of Uganda to formulate policies and legislations that promote the rights to water and sanitation.

NAPE has trained some water and sanctions user committee in Luwero, Mukono, Nakawa and Buikwe in their roles and sanitation and on rights to water and sanitation so that they able to demand better water and sanitation service delivery and hold government accountable.

NAPE has also facilitated various forums aimed at giving a platform for water and sanitation users to interfaced with duty bearers in order to find joint to issues of rights to water and sanitation.

NAPE also provides WASH facilities to communities as demonstrations to trigger communities to demand similar services from the government and other duty bearers especially those responsible for interfering with community water sources, such as owners of flower farms. In summary NAPE has successfully registered the following achievements in meeting community water and sanitation needs.

With financial support from WSSCC/UNOPS through Link to Progress (LTP), NAPE is piloting a project located in Kasenyi landing site and Namulanda in Entebbe Municipality that is aimed to finding out if increased water supply to communities will improve hygiene and sanitation practices. In this project, NAPE is constructing rain water harvesting tanks and rehabilitating a spring well and putting in place and training Village water, sanitation and hygiene committees who will provide water, sanitation and hygiene education and awareness to communities and schools within and around the benefiting communities. NAPE has also used this fund to engage polluters of community’s water sources so that they can provide an alternative sources.

In 2006 NAPE with financial support from Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) through OSIENALA (Friends of Lake Victoria), implemented a six year project on cost sharing basis with beneficiaries and constructed 55 Eco-SAN toilets that are benefiting over 2000 people in and around fishing villages in the Buikwe District on the shores of Lake Victoria.

In addition, ten spring wells were rehabilitated also on cost sharing basis which are estimated to be benefiting over 8,000 people including two prison institutions and two primary schools. The funds were also used to put in place and train Village Environmental Committees (VECS) in their roles and responsibilities such as how to construct Eco-San toilets and maintain WASH facilities.

The funds were also used to produce Information Education and Communication (IEC) materials that were supplied to communities and schools with an aim of spreading WASH information. The communities that benefited in this project were Kiziru fish landing site, Naminya resettlement, Kinyala, Bugungu fish landing site , Kafuta, Buziika, Busana fish landing site, Kilyowa and Bulamba.

In 2010, with financial support from United Support for Africa (USA) NAPE implemented a three year project that supported the construction of three ground water runoff harvesting tanks in Mbarara District of western Uganda. Currently these facilities are serving an estimated population of 500 rural dwellers.

These tanks were constructed on cost sharing basis where the benefiting communities contributed labor and food. The water user committees in consultation with water users take care of the maintenance and cleanness of these water sources.

water-scarcity-ugandaIn 2010, NAPE obtained grant from the University of the West of England. This grant was used to rehabilitate one spring water well in Mukono District of central Uganda, and this facility is currently serving a school with an intake of 500 students and in addition, it serves communities around the school.

The water user committees, in consultation with water users, undertake the care, maintenance and ensure the cleanliness of this water source. Because of the positive impact this spring well has contributed to the people of Kikooza, the University of West England again provided another grant to NAPE to rehabilitate another well in Mukono central in Kitega Zone.

In 2009 NAPE successfully obtained grant funding under The Global Transparency Fund ( GTF) Programme through The Uganda Water and Sanitation NGO network(UWASNET) to implement a project called ‘Promoting Water Users Multi Stakeholder Dialogues in Uganda’ that aims at increasing the capacity of local communities to effectively engage with the decision makers and service providers in seeking good governance and accountability in the WASH sector.

This project covered selected villages ten villages in Mukono town council and four parishes from Nakawa Municipality .NAPE formed and trained water and sanitation committees that demand and monitor the provision of safe and clean water and sanitation services from Government and other service providers, and they monitor the implementation of WASH budget at District level among other activities.

In 2011 NAPE won a grant of UGX 75,000,000 from DANIDA NGO fund through NETWAS to implement a project called ‘Advocating for Rights to Water and Sanitation in Uganda’. This project began in November 2011 and end in December 2013. The project aim was to increase access to safe and clean water and sanitation for all. The project covered ten villages of Mukono town council and three sub counties of Luwero district, the expected out comes after the implementation of project activities.

In 2009, NAPE was approached by school management committee of Nalongo primary school in Luwero district to support them with the provision of safe water for drinking, hygiene and sanitation. After conducting a situation analysis NAPE provided 60,000 liters rain water harvesting tank, this water facility is currently benefiting over 800 pupils and it is being maintained by the school management. water and sanitation users should be able to demand WASH services from the service providers and leaders.

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