Environmentalists remain firmly opposed to turning Bugoma forest into a sugarcane plantation.


September 2, 2020    By nape

Transiting from the use of mercury to a more user friendly, less harmful and more productive methodology of using Borax in artisanal gold mining is still slow but catching up with intensive trainings among artisanal miners especially in Kassanda district. Despite some of them knowing the harmful impacts of mercury,... Read More

NAPE in a campaign to raise public awareness on chemical use and waste management in Kasanda and Kiboga districts.

September 2, 2020    By nape

In a move to raise public awareness on sound chemical use and waste management, the National Association of Professional Environmentalists (NAPE) has disseminated awareness materials to the districts of Kiboga, Kassanda, and Kyankwanzi.The materials in form of t-shirts, caps, stickers and posters that display information on proper use of agro-chemicals,... Read More

NAPE pilots legal aid clinics in the Albertine region.

August 14, 2020    By nape

Under, the Participation and Opportunities for Women’s Economic Rights project in Uganda NAPE has set up legal aid clinics. Over 35 females and 2 males have benefited from legal aid clinics piloted in Hoima district. In March 2020, legal aid clinics were held in Kyakaboga, Kigaaga and Kijayo communities in Hoima where women... Read More

A snapshot of human rights abuses amidst the covid-19 pandemic in Uganda.

August 1, 2020    By nape

Women react after they were beaten up by Local Defense Unit (LDU) personnel downtown Kampala on 26th March,2020 as they enforced government directives aimed at curbing the spread of coronavirus. Gender Based Violence As majority of the population stayed at home to stay safe from COVID- 19, homes turned out... Read More

NAPE donates covid-19 prevention materials to 5 districts in Uganda.

May 29, 2020    By nape

National Association of Professional Environmentalists (NAPE) has embarked on the process of donating COVID-19 prevention materials to several districts in central and mid-western Uganda that it works closely with. These materials include hand-wash tanks, infra-red thermometers, sanitisers and posters with messages on how the spread of COVID can be curbed.... Read More

NAPE makes a breakthrough as Buliisa District Council recognizes customary laws of Bagungu indigenous communities.

December 2, 2019    By nape

By NAPE Editorial Team Buliisa District Council has unanimously passed a resolution to legally recognise the Customary/Earth Laws of the Bagungu indigenous communities which had been documented with the support of the National Association of Professional Environmentalists (NAPE). The council session presided over by the Deputy Speaker Joyce Mbabazi Kadogori,... Read More