Government of Ethiopia warns Riparian states over River Nile waters.

Government of Ethiopia warns Riparian states over River Nile waters.

February 27, 2018    By nape

Ethiopian president Mulatu Teshome has warned countries sharing the River Nile of the tough times ahead as urbanisation and populations rapidly grow, hence putting enormous pressure on the waters amid climate change. Nile Basin cooperation is not an option and managing a common pooled resource is not an easy undertaking,” Dr... Read More

Sh60b Soroti solar project nears completion.

August 9, 2016    By nape

A Dubai-based solar power developer, Access Power MEA has is constructing the first utility-scale solar PV plant in Uganda via its subsidiary; Access Uganda Solar Limited. The company will construct, own and operate the 10 MW PV plant. The solar power facility once complete will be the largest independent solar power project in... Read More

Bujagali: How Not to Build a Dam Through a Public-Private Partnership.

April 15, 2016    By nape

By Erskine Mdone Private participation in large hydropower projects in Africa is increasingly being encouraged through Public Private Partnerships (PPPs). This has been illustrated by the Bujagali Falls Dam, which was commissioned in 2012 in Uganda. Together with the planned Ruzizi III Dam, the project is set to become the... Read More

New ownership in Bujagali won’t reduce power cost.

April 13, 2016    By nape

The change in ownership in Bujagali power dam will not lead to a drop in the cost of power, officials have said. Last week, Norwegian firm SN Power announced it was buying Sithe Global’s stake in Bujagali hydropower as the latter opts out. But according to Brian Kubeck, the Sithe... Read More

Govt officials fight over Isimba, Karuma Dam Project.

March 30, 2016    By nape

A row has erupted over the supervision of two of Uganda’s flagship hydro-power projects, pitting the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development (MEMD) against the Uganda Electricity Generation Company Limited (UEGCL) with officials now turning to President Museveni as arbiter. Daily Monitor has learnt that top UEGCL officials met the President at... Read More

NAPE at the Africa Renewable Energy Initiatives in Berlin, Germany.

March 12, 2016    By nape

Goeffrey Kamese Nansonve is representing NAPE in the African Renewable Energy Initiative (AREI) meeting that is taking place in Berlin German. The African Renewable Energy Initiative (AREI) was launched in Paris during the UNFCCC COP21. The AREI aims at enabling the installation of large-scale renewable energy capacity on the African... Read More

Sand mining drying up River Rwizi in Mbarara.

August 20, 2015    By nape

Mbarara deputy Resident District Commissioner Moses Mwebesa and residents of Nyamitanga Division have faulted authorities charged with environmental protection of giving up the campaign to save River Rwizi from unfriendly human activities. Sand mining in the river at Kirehe in Nyamitanga Division has made the river come close to changing... Read More

Uganda in secret plan to buy back Bujagali hydropower project from investors.

August 20, 2015    By nape

The government of Uganda is quietly exploring plans to buy back Bujagali dam, a major hydroelectricity project, from a consortium of private investors and developers in a move that would constitute a major reversal in public policy. “The high cost of electricity in Uganda has reached unsustainable levels that are... Read More

Social consequences of the Bujagali hydropower project.

August 20, 2015    By nape

The Bujagali hydropower dam on The River Nile in Uganda was finally commissioned in August 2012 after eighteen years of controversy that delayed the dam construction. The dam faced numerous economic, environmental, social and spiritual challenges that stalled the dam construction while the project underwent investigations over bribery claims and... Read More