NAPE makes a breakthrough as Buliisa District Council recognizes customary laws of Bagungu indigenous communities.

NAPE makes a breakthrough as Buliisa District Council recognizes customary laws of Bagungu indigenous communities.

December 2, 2019    By nape

By NAPE Editorial Team Buliisa District Council has unanimously passed a resolution to legally recognise the Customary/Earth Laws of the Bagungu indigenous communities which had been documented with the support of the National Association of Professional Environmentalists (NAPE). The council session presided over by the Deputy Speaker Joyce Mbabazi Kadogori,... Read More

Shared Resources, Joint Solutions (SRJS) Partners in Uganda Strengthen Community Capacities for the Protection of Forest Resources in Bunyoro Region.

October 18, 2017    By nape

Shared Resources, Joint Solutions (SRJS) is an expanded program designed to strengthen and empower host communities in biodiversity-rich areas to effectively engage and participate in decisions around the management of natural resources so that it continue providing International Public Goods (IPDs). Such rich-biodiversity area is found in the Albertine Rift. This... Read More

Bunyoro communities commit to reviving indigenous seeds.

February 27, 2017    By nape

The Bunyoro Region, for a long time was known for growing indigenous food that kept families food secure. The food included different varieties of millet, beans, simsim and maize that were drought resistant. On the contrary today, many farmers are crying foul after unpredictable weather patterns that have left them with... Read More

Dry spell affects heritage conservation in Bunyoro sub region.

August 20, 2015    By nape

The current dry spell is significantly affecting the forest cover in parts of Bunyoro sub region where forests are being used as a tool of heritage conservation. Hundred of trees recently planted as part of a campaign to conserve the 12-pet names ( empaako) of Bunyoro and Toro are drying... Read More

Review of economic, social and cultural rights in Uganda.

August 20, 2015    By nape

NAPE and other Civil Society organizations in Uganda have been collaborating with Franciscans International (FI), a faith-based International Non-Governmental Organization (INGO) with General Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), and submitted a contribution to the list of issues to the Economic, Social and Cultural Rights... Read More

Infrastructure Development: Often times Host communities do not benefit.

August 20, 2015    By nape

Often times, host communities loose out when development project come into their communities. Issues dispossession of land, natural heritage and livelihoods arise. These are the challenges that residents of Hoima district confront since government of Uganda started developing oil projects after the discovery of commercially viable crude oil deposits in... Read More