Communities In Bunyoro Region Hail NAPE for Standing With Them As Oil Developments Continue To Cause Havoc In Their Region.

August 14, 2023       ,

Community members especially women from the districts of Hoima, Kikuube and Buliisa have hailed NAPE for standing with them during challenging times since oil developments started in their region.  NAPE has built the capacity of women and empowered them to know their rights, to know who to engage, how to engage them but most importantly identifying issues affecting them in their communities and collectively look for solutions that are dear to them.

In an interview with the New Vision Newspaper, the women said that the coming of oil in their region has caused a lot of havoc ranging from destruction of their environment, food systems, water sources, livelihoods, land acquisition issues, compensation and evictions of people from their land has become order of the day that they didn’t ask for. Open the link below for the full article:

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