Ecosystems Restoration

Ecosystems Restoration

In our Ecosystems Alliance Programme we aim to empower communities for sustainable Natural Resource Management in the Albertine Rift. The programme is implemented by 3 consortium organizations i.e. National Association of Professional Environmentalists (NAPE), Uganda Wildlife Society (UWS) and Africa Institute for Energy Governance (AFIEGO). NAPE doubles as the Country Coordinating Institution. The Programme began in December 2011 and will run up to the close of June 2015.

Thematic Areas

Theme 1:     Livelihoods and Ecosystems

Theme 2:     Greening the Economy

Theme 3:     Ecosystems, People and climate change.

Operational Areas

  • NAPE works in Kasese on Katwe Salt Lake, Katwe Landing site on Lake Edward, River Muhokya
  • AFIEGO in Hoima (Oil refinery affected areas and Areas around Lake Albert Basin).
  • UWS in Buliisa (areas around Murchison falls NP

Key Interventions

Since December 2011 project partners have achieved the following:


  • 183 households engaged in fruit tree Planting-Bujumbura
  • CSO empowerment on sustainable natural resource utilization
  • Communities  on river Wmbabya and Lake Albert trained on river bank and lake shore protection
  • Community trainings on natural resource rights and entitlements
  • Trainings for oil affected communities on issues of fair compensations and their land rights
  • Engagements (Oil companies, local leaders, Government institutions on Oil governance issues.


  • 1,191 households (farmers, fisher folk, pastoralists, wild life resource dependants,etc trained on environmental safe guards, EIA processes and Oil companies corporate social responsibility
  • Setting up 6 tree nursery beds (13,000 seedlings)
  • Awareness meetings on impacts of oil on biodiversity
  • Fishing gears provided to 9 CSOs
  • MoUs made with 5 resource user groups (crop farmers, bee keepers, fisher folk, oil companies and oil activities affected communities.
  • Policy level dialogues
  • Trainings on REDD

Kasese Sub region

  • 1,521 households participating in sustainable land and water resource management practices
  • Restoration of degraded katwe salt lake slopes with 90,000 seedlings of indigenous Eurphobia trees (1100 acres)
  • Supporting irrigation (cotton and tomotatoes) along lower river Muhokya (400 households)
  • Production of video documentaries on ecosystem degradation in the Oil rift
  • Community trainings on natural resource rights
  • Trainings and stake holder dialogues on Animal-Human conflict-Crocodiles in Lake Edward
  • Trainings for lake catchment stakeholders on catchment protection
  • Management plans for Katwe salt lake and Katwe Fish landing site
  • Engagements with Hima cement over ecological foot print  and chemical dust from its operations
  • Conflict management between District and Town council stake holders over katwe salt lake
  • Construction of demonstration cages to manage the problem of killer crocodiles,etc
  • Research study on the ecological foot print of HIMA cement operations
  • Supporting dialogues between Hima Cement and Kasese District over pollution issues
  • Trainings for ecosystem dependant communities on access rights and entitlements

Human-Crocodile Conflict

The Human –Crocodile and Crocodile –Domestic Animal Conflict. NAPE has approached this through Construction of Water cages to protect both cattle and Humans from Killer crocodiles on the shores of Lake Edward. Other partners such as UWA, Kasese District Local Government, Katwe Kabatoro Town Council, SAID-STAR have come in to supplement NAPE efforts by constructing more 4 cages.

Project Updates