Reimagining the Future Beyond Extractives: NAPE and partners release research paper.

March 15, 2022       ,

NAPE and its partners; National Association of Women Action in Development (NAWAD) and Womankind with support from the UKaid have released a research paper entitled, Reimagining the Future Beyond Extractives.

The paper, released in November 2021, aims to strengthen the knowledge and evidence base for affected women in Uganda through an accessible report that can be used by the ecofeminist movement, and allies in other movements, networks, and alliances. 

The report touches upon the current context and analysis of the existence and impact of extractive industries in Uganda connected to government collaboration and foreign direct investment. 

It also looks at the emergence, action, and achievements of the eco-feminist movement within Uganda in response to lack of sufficient consent and compensation processes for women; an exploration of alternatives to extractives in Uganda; and consideration of opportunities for the eco-feminist movement to influence the Ugandan government policy and practice including regional and international processes and spaces.